Pioneer Books was established in the mid seventies in Adelaide, South Australia. We all love writing and indeed, publishing – particularly, but by not means exclusively inhouse – has been a major part of our life over the decades.

Welcome to our blog where we are going to chat about books, anything from stories of authors long forgotten to the idea of the book and, if it comes to that, the bookseller and the book buyer.

For a bit more about us, go to Meet Our Gang.

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One thought on “About

  1. […] The wonderful ladies of Pioneer Books in Adelaide, Australia went out of their way to provide me with photos to ease my mind about plunking down that much money on a book sight unseen. I’ve spent the better part of the week emailing back and forth with Cathy. As I learned about their story in our emails I became even more inclined to purchase from them. Their bookshop is almost as old as I am, was started by Cathy’s father, and since his death, is run by the two sisters and their mother. I have added Pioneer Books to my “bucket list” of places I’d like to go. I want to meet these ladies and personally thank them, for their patience and willingness to go out of their way to help me with my purchase. I want to see what Cathy’s father created and spend time among the books, and talking with this family. I might not ever make it to see them personally, but I discovered they blog right here on wordpress! So I can check in with them from time to time, and that might be good enough. Check them out here: https://pioneerbooks.wordpress.com/about […]

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