Our first ever online sale!

We continue our special deal which started when we turned 40: we have almost 7000 books listed at $15 and we’d like to sell lots of them so please help us out!

Buy any 10 of our $15 books for $100 AND we’ll ship them postfree within Australia.

Click here to start.

Yes, you are welcome to buy more than ten: the 11th (etc) will be charged at $10 each. Lots of them are absolute bargains already, so we hope you will be spoilt for choice!

The easiest way to browse is to go to our search page here : set the Sort By option to Price Ascending and key in a subject, author, whatever you like. The books will appear from $15 up.

You can order online or email/phone/fax us your order.

You can, of course, simply browse the entire stock from $15 up, but any modifications can be included.

Some examples of searches:

subject: childrens – over 2500 titles at $15
Author: Enid Blyton books – 80 titles at $15
subject: crime fiction – over 400 titles at $15
subject: Australia Military – 36 titles at $15
subject: Travel Description – over 200 titles at $15
subject: cricket Australia – exactly 10 titles at $15
subject: science technology – over 250 titles at $15
subject: biography – over 500 titles at $15
subject: art illustration – over 200 titles at $15

There are a large number of keywords that will give you a result: history, religion, medical, humour, crime fact, literature, australia, aboriginal, south seas, maritime, theatre, cycling, world war, poetry, sport, food, drink, ballet, music, education, politics, craft, science fiction and many more.

Make sure you set the Sort By option to Ascend to get a list which starts at $15.

We can also generate you a document list on a subject if you prefer. Let me know.

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