Who is John Galt?

No, not that John Galt, the Rand craze-about-town.

I’m talking about the John Galt, Scottish writer of Lawrie Todd, a tale of early Canadian settlers which I happen to be listing. A prolific writer, whose works include the first major study of Byron whom he knew well, he was also a traveller, explorer, entreupreneur, establishing towns in Canada – his name is remembered in various ways there and in Scotland. Indeed although he returned to Scotland, his sons became important figures in Canadian politics. The wiki entry looks quite reliable as wiki goes, if you want more detail.

In a program on the BBC ‘Reformers and radicals in Scottish literature’, Carl MacDougall comments that:

Galt was the first writer to show the effects of the burgeoning industrial revolution, making him the first political novelist in the English language, and though his reputation has been overshadowed by Scott and Hogg, he is now recognised as one of the great writers of the age.

Another notable historical and literary figure I’ve never heard of, another for my ‘to read’ shelf.


2 thoughts on “Who is John Galt?

  1. Oh, THAT John Galt! For someone who’s claimed to be one of the great writers of his age, it’s somewhat embarrassing that he’s in fact less well-known than a character in a crap novel…

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