The Library Bus

As we become used to the idea of sitting at home, ‘communicating’ via machine and technology, how much that used to facilitate social connections between people is being lost to us?

The Library Bus

‘Can’t stand modern poetry’
she said
As she hauled herself up the mobile library steps.
‘All these jerks that can’t write in sentences
And can’t write verses either’
she said
As she slid Best Australian Poems 2012 into Returns.

‘I read ’em all and some of ’em weren’t too bad.
I was going to read those again, but when I finished
I couldn’t remember which ones they were
And sure as hell I’m not going to read ’em all again.’

An old turkey of a woman.
Last time she told him that his bosses missed the bus,
Deciding to terminate the service 2014.
She grinned and told him that it was better than the zoo.
Where else could you visit a captive librarian
And feed him information, instead of the other way around?

Judith Crabb 31/1/13 (written for Aaron, the library bus driver, who will next year no longer be ‘On the Road’, as the Council (?) has recognised that the new technology makes everyone his or her own mobile library (as Ramona Koval put it in A Reader’s Guide to Life), and the bus is an anachronism, along with all the old girls like me who visit it. The idea is that the library will use the money better on other aspects of its service.)

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