Who was Ridley Haim Herschell? 1807-1864

I was curious to find out more about the author of A Visit to My Father-Land, being notes of a Journey to Syria and Palestine in 1843, With Additional Notes of a Journey in 1854

Forgotten now, but important in his day, his roots were Polish-Jewish, but he ended up in England where he married Helen Skirving Mowbray, a union of love which cost them dearly, ostracised by both their families.

Amongst other notable work Herschell became a preacher of renown as well as writing books including the one that prompted my interest.


One thought on “Who was Ridley Haim Herschell? 1807-1864

  1. Hello, I hope you found out more about Ridley and Helen Herschell. I had the privilige of writing a biography a few years back which is available in paperback in the UK or Kindle worldwide (All Love – A Biography of Ridley Herschell). You might want to learn more from our website http://www.htsmedia.com or contact me on info@htsmedia.com. I’d be happy to chat about this amazing man. Regards, Geoffrey Henderson.

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