Businesses hit back at Amazon (1)

It’s hard not to see Amazon as the evil corporate monster, no matter what one’s perspective is.

My father once told the new accountant for the business ‘Don’t tell me how to minimise our taxes. We live in a society. Somebody has to pay taxes.’

Amazon thinks that it doesn’t have to. I can’t understand why it is that the ordinary consumer does not consider this on its own sufficient reason to boycott the company.

Lately, though, the Amazon methods have so got up some noses that big businesses, which can perhaps afford profit cuts in a way a small business may not, have been fighting back.

Firstly Target simply stopped stocking the Kindle as a response to Amazon’s despicable practice of encouraging shoppers to go to bricks and mortar shops like Target to source products and then buy them from Amazon. You can see more on this story here and here. Oh, and here

I thought I’d check this out, so I went to Target and searched for Kindle. Sure enough, not a kindle to be found. Kindle accessories, yes. Not one eensy-bitsy kindle, however. Go Target!!

Melville House has a lot of excellent commentary on what is going on, including the way in which the Justice Department is supporting Amazon’s attempt to become a monopoly. See, for example, Amazon takes retribution after violation of its most-favored-nation status and Finally: A major publisher announces it will go DRM-free

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