The inanity of auctions

You might have seen the story recently of an Enid Blyton going for $1500 or so, chap found it in a garage sale in NZ, put it on line, everybody went crazy, fuelled by the kind of media reports best ignored. It was signed, but nonetheless, its ‘real’ value can’t have been more than $300-$500.

What you won’t necessarily know is the end to the story. All the bidders pulled out: Book owner cross as sale dips into fiction. The predictable punning headline: when is that going to go out of fashion. P-lease make it soon!

We’ve all seen live auctions with interesting results due to the hotheadedness of the moment, or some special circumstance, such as a feud between two bidders – it happens, really. But online? Presumably the same sort of hotheadedness no longer applies and the crazy results are due to the fact that they can always be retracted.


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