Greta Garbo really did want to be alone…

Who is Vicki Baum, I wondered as I was listing her Falling Star. I should have known! She was a best selling novelist in her day, with her works regularly being made into movies. I guess her biggest claim to fame is as the author of Grand Hotel, which led to the following anecdote.

VICKI BAUM REFUSED ADMISSION Vicki Baum, who wrote “Grand Hotel.” has an interesting story to tell about it. She says: “Fame brought me many things, money, the ability to travel where I wanted to go when I felt like it, a lovely home, cars, and such-like. But my fame was not enough to let me watch Greta Garbo in her part in “Grand Hotel.” “When they were shooting the picture, I tried to sneak in to see her. I had always admired her, and thought I might be allowed to watch her at work. I just caught a glimpse of her yes. she was even more beautiful than I had thought–when a can came up to me and asked, ‘Who are you?’ “‘I am the author of the picture,’ I murmured, taken aback. ” ‘Miss Garbo doesn’t want any one on the set, and you know it,’ he said. “You had better get out of here quickly.’ And out I had to go.” (Launceston Advocate 5 February 1938)

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